10 Iphone Tricks Every User Should Know

Apple brings many improvements and new functions with each new update that made the iPhone the best in the world. Apple makes all the functions easy and convenient, but most users don’t know all the features when an update Macau B2B List comes to their iPhone and these little features and tricks can help them a lot. Sometimes it happens that we are used to doing some daily routine tasks but we don’t know that these can be done easily and quickly by using some tips and tricks. So, in this article, we recommend 10 iPhone tricks that help you use iPhone functions very quickly. Related: Safari tips for iPhone users. 10 iPhone tricks every user should know Create a shortcut to a website Shake to cancel Use Animoji and Memoji reactions Move multiple apps.

Website Shortcut

If you visit a website frequently and need to open it quickly, Safari browser gives you the option to create a shortcut to that website. This shortcut will work as an app icon and you can move it, delete it like you do with an app. Open a website in Safari browser, click the square button in the bottom menu, then click “Add to Home Screen”. It asks you to set the shortcut name or save it with the suggested name. Create a website shortcut Create a website shortcut Learn more about creating a website shortcut on iPhone. 2. Cancel text by shaking iPhone This is a very interesting feature of the iPhone.

Disable App Rating

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When you are typing a text message, but suddenly you think it is inappropriate and you don’t want to use the backspace button, then just shake your iPhone. It will show you a “Cancel Input” pop-up window with two options “Cancel” and “Undo”. Click Cancel to clear the message. Cancel by shaking Cancel by shaking 3. React to messages with Animoji/Memoji Now you can give an interesting and beautiful reaction to a message. From iOS 10 and later, you can react to a message by long-pressing it. And in the latest iOS, it also allows reacting by pasting an Animoji or Memoji on a message.

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