10 Mailchimp Alternatives To Consider In 2022

Are you looking for professional and French alternatives to Mailchimp? If MailChimp is an easy-to-use and free emailing software for up to 10,000 emails. Per month and less than 2,000 subscribers in its contact list, its all-English interface and its high prices (updated in April 2021). From the limit, outdated freeware are pushing many companies and Mexico Phone Number List to consider. Here is a selection of 10 of the best MailChimp alternatives available with a French interface, similar (or better) advanced features and simplicity. of similar use. Summary : TOP 3 best alternatives to Mailchimp (in 2022). You don’t have time to read the whole article and want to know more about the 3 best French alternatives to Mailchimp of the moment in terms of quality.

If you want to have access to a quick comparison of the best alternatives to Mailchimp and see. Which is the best thanks to an external comparison carried out by. An American company specializing in the comparison of web marketing and emailing solutions, here is the result. Is considered the best alternative to Mailchimp by its Best Alternatives to Mailchimp. The comparisons (based on user reviews) Alternatives to Mailchimp vs. ‘s free offer is slightly less advantageous than Mailchimp’s on the number of emails that can be sent per month (9,000 versus 10,000). But it has the advantage of not restricting the maximum number of contacts (unlimited) . So, if you regularly send emails to a small database of contacts (up to 300 per day, i.e. 9,000 per month), this solution will suit you perfectly and will be 100% free for you.

A Platform Competing With Mailchimp With A Professional 360° Approach And An Interface In French

If your needs are more substantial, this software available online offers other offers more suited to. VSEs and SMEs. Monthly plans start at just €19 excluding. VAT (€17.10 if you opt for an annual payment) per month for 10,000 emails sent. With no daily quota and always an unlimited number of contacts. For all plans, you benefit all year round from -10% if you opt for an annual payment. To learn more about If you are viewing this article close to Black Friday. We recommend that you wait a few days, here we will update the article with the latest 2021 promo codes to give you an exclusive similar offer. 2- Sarbacane: a professional French alternative to Mailchimp alternative mailchimp blowgun Sarbacane.


Is a French professional emailing software that offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. To create responsive emails but also many advanced options for more experienced users.  Tt is however possible to test it for free and without obligation for 30 days. Operating on the basis of an online subscription. Sarbacane offers both an interface for creating emails online as well as software to be installed on your computer. Paid subscriptions to the solution start at €59 excluding tax for 5,000 emails sent per month. To find out more about Sarbacane. A platform competing with Mailchimp with a professional 360° approach and an interface in French Getresponse free emailing tool GetResponse.

Activetrail, A Serious Alternative To Mailchimp With An Interface In French And More

The professional and international alternative to Mailchimp Get Response is more than just. A professional emailing software that can be compared to Mailchimp. It is a real powerful alternative to Mailchimp although the latter does not really offer a free plan but rather a 100% free trial. Although the platform offers a free trial version. Without credit card, for 30 days, it is clearly cut out for medium and large structures that wish to approach. Email marketing from a serious and professional angle. This real complete marketing platform offers a long list of features as an arm and. Which covers not only email marketing and marketing automation but also much more such as the creation of landing pages in particular. The interface is offered entirely in French unlike Mailchimp and support is also available in the language of Molière.

Get Response is also a very good global software since it integrates directly into its monthly. Subscription and without additional costs: landing page creation. A live chat system to be installed on its website, the possibility of creating a website. The management of transactional emailing campaigns, advanced marketing automation scenarios. To learn more about Get The two platforms share several similarities, but HubSpot offers a more complete solution and one of its advantages over Mailchimp is that the tool is available in French. With HubSpot, you have email templates at your disposal: all of them are customizable thanks to the drag-and-drop interface.

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