10 Pro Mamp Tips for WordPress

MAMP is one of the popular apps for setting up a local server on macOS and Windows. The free version comes with all the features to use a single web Germany WhatsApp Number List development environment. You can use MAMP to move the live WordPress site to a local machine for testing and development. However, when using MAMP, you may need to access certain functions frequently. In this article, we’ll explain 10 MAMP tricks to work like a pro with your localhost WordPress setup. Topics Covered Top 10 MAMP Tips 1. Launch the WebStart page on startup 2. Configure favorite link 3. Port configuration 4. Enable PHP Caching 5. Find the document root 6. Check phpinfo 7. Open phpMyAdmin 8. Simulate MySQL queries 9. Check documentation 10. Changing PHP version and server.

Top 10 Mamp Tips

Here are MAMP tips for WordPress users. However, you can use most of these tips for any other application you’ve hosted locally using MAMP. The WebStart page is the important page to check all configuration and backend details of your localhost WordPress installation. The page also contains menu items for quick access to the local site and other useful tools. By default, MAMP allows you to launch the WebStart page on startup. If the page does not open automatically, you can modify the configuration by clicking on the “Preferences” option of the application. Under the “General” tab, check the “Open WebStart page” box against the “When MAMP starts” option.

Port Configuration

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This will automatically launch the WebStart page each time you open MAMP. Alternatively, you can disable this option and manually launch the page by clicking the “WebStart” button in the “Preferences” section. You can also use the URL below directly in the browser’s address bar to open the start page. This will open the page in English, ignore the after parameter? to open the page using the default installation language. The “General” section has an option to add your website link as a favorite link. MAMP will display this favorite link as a menu item in the WebStart page. The benefit is that when working with your localhost, you can quickly access your live site using that favorite link.

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