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Google emphasizes speed and introduces Core Web Vitals to measure page speed metrics. Choosing a lightweight theme for your WordPress site is important for having a good page speed score in the Google PageSpeed Dubai Business Fax List ​​Insights tool. It drives webmasters crazy with themes like GeneratePress and Astra. We recently tried the GeneratePress theme on this site. It was so cool to see a score of 100/100 in Google PageSpeed. However, we have to go back to our previous Highend theme because GeneratePress created several issues. So, read this article first if you are looking to buy the GeneratePress theme. Problems with GeneratePress theme Here are some of the issues we noticed with GeneratePress. Leave a reply comment link Author box Publish meta date link.

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WordPress by default has a “Leave a Reply” link before the start of the comments section. This is a well thought out position to place the link. We have an article like this and this one having over 100 comments. Without leaving a reply link, users tend to do one of two things: Stop commenting because they have to scroll to the end of the page. Leave an irrelevant reply to the first comment. In our view, both of these situations are examples of poor user experience. No Leave a reply link No Leave a reply link 2. Missing author box Most WordPress business themes have an author box by default that you can insert at the bottom of blog posts.

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Dubai Business Fax List
Dubai Business Fax List

Theme developers can customize the author area to display various user profile details of the post author. This is an extremely useful feature when multiple authors are writing content on the same site. Without an author box in GeneratePress, you no longer have any option to view author details. Related: Check out the full GeneratePress theme review. 3. Publish meta date link Blog posts have the option to display metadata such as publication date and author details below the title. As far as we’ve tested with multiple themes, the post date meta has no connection or connection to the date archive. However, GeneratePress ties the post meta date to the post URL itself.

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