10 Ways to Kill Your Blog Traffic

Ten years ago, getting the right information was a difficult task. This has changed with technology and nowadays you can get all the information you want. With social networks and smartphones, driving traffic to a blog is no longer a difficult task. However, with billions of blogs available Ghana WhatsApp Number List on the internet, getting lasting traffic to your blog is not that easy. If you’re considering starting a new blog or running a smaller blog, here are the things to consider to get consistent traffic from search engines like Google. Without proper maintenance, your blog will die sooner or later. 10 ways to kill your blog traffic Here are the top 10 things you shouldn’t worry about if you want to kill your blog traffic.

Monitoring Blog Traffic

If your goal is to get one million page views per month, break it down into smaller goals and track each goal separately. Google Analytics and many other tools are available to track your blog traffic based on different metrics. This analysis is necessary to find what content is driving the most traffic so you can focus on improving your skills and marketing in that area. Additionally, Google releases many algorithm and search updates. You have no other option to keep an eye on your traffic to know if you are being impacted. Remember that even an established blog can disappear within a few years if traffic data is not monitored and corrective action taken to retain traffic. Blogging is nothing but learning and sharing. Your blog will be dead when you stop posting new content.

No Editorial Calendar

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Although you have hundreds of valuable old articles, Google and other search engines love fresh, updated content. Therefore, you need to post new content regularly to be on the blogging game. It is not necessary to publish an article daily. However, make sure to keep the blog up and running at all times. Over 90% of articles on the Internet are time-limited. They will become useless after a few years. Suppose you run a technology blog and tutorials on how to use the iPhone. You must update old content to ensure it is valid for the current model and operating system. Otherwise, users who land on your blog will leave within seconds when they discover the posts are several years old.

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