10 Youtube Tips for Iphone App

YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming service offered by Google. However, the iPhone iOS app is somewhat traditional that Google downplays the USA Business Fax List features. For example, many video apps allow you to swipe left or right to rewind/forward playback. Unfortunately, you can’t do this in the YouTube app. If you use the app on your iPhone every day, here are some YouTube tips to watch videos hassle-free. Related: How to Increase YouTube Video Views? YouTube app settings in iOS There are two types of tricks you can do with YouTube iOS app. One is at the app settings level and the other is at the video level. Application level setting When you are in the YouTube app, tap on the profile icon available at the top right corner.

Application Level Setting

When you are in the YouTube app, tap on the profile icon available at the top right corner. Tap Profile Tap Profile Tap on the “Settings” option. YouTube Settings YouTube Settings Here you will get many options which you can configure according to your needs. Video level settings When playing a video, tap the video and then tap the three vertical dots icon. YouTube video setting YouTube video setting 1. Set up a custom break The iPhone has a Screen Time option to monitor and control your time spent on the phone. Watching videos for a long time will tire your eyes and create health problems. In order to avoid endless sitting in front of the YouTube app, you can set up custom breaks.

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It will help you change the focus of your eyes and take enough break to watch videos. Go to the app settings and enable the “Remind me to take a break” option. Pause settings in YouTube Pause settings in YouTube In the pop-up window, configure your break frequency. YouTube will allow you to configure a frequency gap from 5 minutes to several hours to take a break. Configure a custom pause frequency Configure a custom pause frequency After the set time, the YouTube app will prompt you to pause in a pop-up window. Warning to take a break Warning to take a break Similar to pause, you can also set bedtime to avoid watching videos while sleeping.

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