11 Reasons to Use the Local Wp

Local is a free app from managed hosting provider Flywheel. Previously it was known as Local by Flywheel and later with the acquisition of WPEngine it is simply known as Local. We had been using MAMP for years Taiwan WhatsApp Number List to test and play around with WordPress features. We also tried other services like WAMP and EXAMPLE. However, Local is an amazing way to focus on your local WordPress site without spending time on the backend. If you are new to the WordPress world, we highly recommend trying Local to learn WordPress. 11 Reasons to Use Local App for WordPress Local Site In our previous articles, we covered how to set up a local WordPress site using the local app and how to clone your live site to a computer.

Dedicated WordPress Setup

Unlike other local services, Local is a dedicated app for building WordPress sites. You don’t need to confuse yourself with copying and pasting the WordPress installation file, creating an SQL database, and modifying the config.php file to establish the connection. All you need to provide is the administrator username, password and email address – the app will do the rest for you. It will install WordPress on the preferred PHP/Web Server/MySQL environment. You have the option to customize the backend by modifying the environment. Local WP app Local WP app 2. Blazing fast local server You will see the admin dashboard and websites open at lightning speed.

Change Configuration Quickly

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It will save you a lot of time when working with the Gutenberg editor, uploading images or installing a plugin/theme. 3. Change configuration quickly WordPress works with a complex backend configuration by combining PHP, MySQL and Web Server. After installing WordPress with the local application, you can change the PHP or Apache version by simply selecting the required version. You can do this on the front-end app screen without going to the settings/preferences section. Remember that changing PHP version is very useful for testing plugins and theme functionality. This will ease your workflow in a live environment, as you can check for plugin/theme updates with the local app.

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