11 Ways to Save Cellular Data Usage on Iphone

Smartphones like iPhones are a digital evolution that puts everything at your fingertips. You can read news, send messages, shop online and order Western Sahara B2B List food from anywhere. However, this convenience also has some cost behind it. While buying an iPhone is a one-time investment, cellular data usage is an ongoing expense for you. So it makes sense to save cellular data usage in iPhone in order to save money. Related: How to disable in-app purchase on iPhone? Why should you limit cell phone use? As mentioned, money is one of the factors you might need to reduce data usage. However, there are also other advantages: Save iPhone battery life. Improve battery life Increase speed by reducing background activities. Better control over app access such as Screen Time settings.

Check Cellular Data

iPhone saves data transmitted over a cellular connection. This will help you view usage for the month. Tap the “Settings” icon and navigate to the “Cellular” section. In the “Cellular Data” section, you can view the data usage for this month and last month. The “Cellular Data Used” and “Roaming” details show the amount of data transferred when using a 3G/4G connection on your iPhone. Scroll down to see each app’s data usage. This will help you identify which apps are using more data on your iPhone. Turn off cellular data for apps Turn off cellular data for apps How to save cellular data usage on iPhone? There are many ways to prevent apps from being accessed over a cellular data connection.

Disconnect Wi-fi

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Disable Apps Using Cellular Data As explained above, you can find the apps consuming a large amount of cellular data. Disable apps that consume more data. Once disabled, you cannot access apps via cellular data. You should access apps only using Wi-Fi. You can also disable cell phone use in each app’s settings. For example, go to “Settings > Music” and turn off cellular data for music library update. Similarly, go to individual apps and disable the following settings: Under the Podcasts app, enable the “Download only over Wi-Fi” option. Disable video playback under the Videos app. Use low quality picture mode for Messages app. 2. Disable Cellular Data Completely Sometimes it is better to turn off cellular data to use Wi-Fi connection.

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