12 Things to Consider When Changing WordPress

WordPress is highly customizable to suit any type of websites. However, this has a negative impact when trying to change things that have been working for years. Changing the WordPress site theme is a common Jordan B2B List thing that everyone has to do after a few years. We have changed the theme several times over the past 8 years. Unfortunately, this is not as easy a task as you might think. To help you have a checklist, here are the things to consider when changing WordPress themes. Why Should You Consider Changing Your WordPress Theme? There are many good and valid reasons for site owners to consider changing the current theme. Bored with your WordPress site theme after a few years. Some developers, especially free themes, won’t update the theme for years, making it obsolete.

Custom Sidebar

Most themes support creating additional sidebars. You can use this additional sidebar on specific categories so users can get relevant details instead of the generic sidebar navigation. However, when changing the theme, all these custom sidebars will be removed and you need to make sure your new theme will support creating custom sidebars. Either way, you have to manually create the sidebar after switching to a new theme. 2. Sidebar and Footer Widgets Your sidebar and footer widgets will disappear when changing themes. You should note the structure and content of your old site before switching themes. This will help you recreate the same configuration later. Alternatively, you can keep a local copy or staging site for reference and backup purposes.

Thumbnail Regeneration

Jordan B2B List
Jordan B2B List

Custom Theme Features Custom Theme Features 3. Menus and logos As far as we’ve tested, the menus will be there on the new ported theme of your old theme. However, the new theme must support a similar menu structure as your old theme. For example, your old theme’s footer menu will disappear if you don’t have footer menu support in the new theme. It depends on the number of pages/posts on your site to gauge the impact of removing unused shortcodes. Unfortunately, you have to remove unused shortcodes to prevent users from seeing them on live content. We strongly recommend choosing a theme that does not offer plugin features like shortcodes.


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