13 Reasons Why You Suffer From Excessive

There is always a downside to everything. Smartphones can make us more productive and make our lives more convenient. However, smartphones can be so Sri Lanka B2B List informative and entertaining that they are addictive. In fact, there is a new term known as homophobia, which refers to the fear of moving away from mobile devices or being out of network coverage. Unfortunately, you are more likely to have a smartphone addiction for these common reasons. There are apps you can use to track smartphone usage. Useful tracking apps for Android include App Detox and Rescue Time. Apple has included screen time monitoring and app usage tracking as built-in features in iOS. By activating tracking applications or features, you can know how long you have used the smartphone.

All Notifications Enabled

If you’re wearing a watch, you don’t have to pick up the phone to check the time. Often when you glance at your phone, the flood of notifications will also distract you and prompt you to check them out. Your password doesn’t need to be complex, it just needs to be long. Use four or five easy-to-remember words as passwords. So, it will become tedious every time you open the phone. If your phone isn’t locked, just flick or double-tap the screen to access it. The slight inconvenience of accessing your phone is often enough to dissuade you. If smartphone addiction is a recurring problem, you may need to choose a drastic measure. Now might be a good time to ditch your smartphone and pick up a feature phone instead.

Social Apps

Sri Lanka B2B List
Sri Lanka B2B List

This type of phone does not have an operating system and you cannot install any application on it. The basic functions are voice calls and text messages. However, feature phones often include a low resolution camera, music player, calendar, calculator and a few other options. After going a week without your smartphone, you may feel lighter and less stressed. You can do things manually and make yourself smarter, instead of relying on the intelligence of your smart device. Notifications can really distract us. When a new notification appears, we will be tempted to check the phone. It will become an ingrained habit and it will be automatic. An obvious method to fix this problem is to turn off all notifications.

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