13 Tips to Use Microsoft Outlook Like a Pro

Many of us use Outlook to send and receive emails on a daily basis. Therefore, being more productive and efficient with Microsoft Outlook will save you a lot of time that you can use for other work. In this article, we will Mayotte B2B List explain some useful tips to improve productivity on Microsoft Outlook. Find more tips for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel in our previous articles. Contents Outlook tips to work like a pro 1. Organize emails into folders 2. Use email templates 3. Put essential emails, notes and calendar events on the desktop 4. Schedule email delivery 5. View Emails as Conversations 6. Block unwanted emails 7. Use Sticky Notes 8. Use desktop notifications only for important emails 9. Installation folder for CC emails 10. Use the cleaning function.

Outlook Tips to Work

You will be familiar with functions such as adding signatures, setting up out of office reply, email reminder and sending confidential emails. Here are some Outlook tricks you didn’t know about. 1. Organize emails into folders In any day-to-day office activity, you need to streamline email management and operation. However, if you already have an overflowing inbox of thousands of emails, this can be a daunting task to do. No one wants to spend hours looking for important emails you received a few months ago hidden among thousands of other emails. A well-managed records system will make your job easier. You can create folders and drag emails to the correct folders.

Schedule Email Delivery

Mayotte B2B List
Mayotte B2B List

It can take a lot of time, but you can spend fifteen minutes a day doing it. In a week, you can organize or delete hundreds of emails that are no longer needed. Create a folder for emails in Outlook Create a folder for emails in Outlook 2. Use email templates Some jobs require you to compose the same type of message often. You’ll be more productive if you create a template for it and use it over and over again. After typing your new email, simply save it as a template by going to “File > Save As > Outlook Template”. Whenever you want, go to “Home New Items Choose Form” and select the template from the user templates folder. Select a template for creating emails Select a template for creating emails Further reading: Insert over 600 symbols in Windows with the Alt key.

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