13 Tools You Should Use in Cpanel Hosting

CPanel is the hosting control panel that helps you access your server and manage tasks. It is a web portal with separate username and login for access. Almost Haiti B2B List all popular hosting companies like Bluehost, SiteGround, and HostGator offer cPanel hosting for WordPress users. Typically, your hosting login is the same as the cPanel login to handle server administration tasks. Unfortunately, WordPress users mostly work with the site’s admin panel and don’t use cPanel frequently. In this article, we’ll explain 10 things you can do with cPanel hosting. Installing WordPress Creating an FTP account Backup site content Create a database Monitor site traffic Manage files with file manager Edit tables with phpMyadmin Create an email with your domain Block IP addresses Configure redirects.

Login to Cpanel

You need to log into your hosting account and search for the cPanel option. On Bluehost, you can access cPanel in the dashboard while on SiteGround, you have to click on the cPanel option to access it on a separate screen. Site Ground cPanel Site Ground cPanel cPanel offers many applications categorized into different groups. This may vary depending on your hosting company. However, you can use the search box to filter apps and change the look of the interface if the feature is available. cPanel tools under categories cPanel tools under categories 1. Installing WordPress WordPress is popular for the 5-minute one-click installation process. When you are in cPanel, search for Softaculous. This one-click installer application allows you to install various applications on your server.

Database Creation

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Haiti B2B List

Find WordPress and follow the installation process on your server. You can have multiple WordPress installations on different domains, subdomains, and sub directories. However, you must have a proper hosting plan to use multiple facilities. For example, the Basic Bluehost plan allows you to use one website and you can have a single WordPress installation in this case. 2. Create an FTP account File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a technique for managing files on your server. Although you can upload and download media files from the WordPress media library, FTP lets you do things easily. You can upload or download selected files as the way you manage on your PC or Mac. cPanel allows you to create, manage and delete FTP accounts. Sometimes you may need to provide FTP access to third-party developers to troubleshoot issues on your site.

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