2 Tools To Create Professional Online Questionnaires

Do you want to create a quick online questionnaire for free or opt for the creation of a survey with more advanced features? Here are 2 of the best online tools that will allow you to create a survey. Questionnaire or poll in a few clicks and in a professional way. Summary : 1- Drag’n Survey, a complete software to create, distribute and analyze online Bahrain Phone Numbers List drag n survey. Drag’n Survey is a French software developed with 3 simple objectives. Allow its users to create online surveys and polls from their proprietary solution Distribute them easily once their creation is finalized. Analyze the results of each survey / questionnaire / poll carried out and distributed via the Drag’n Survey platform.

Drag’n Survey, 8 elements that make the difference to create an online questionnaire create online-responsive questionnaire. The Drag’n Survey tool offers advanced features and possibilities that other free tools do not make available to their users. Here is a small overview of the different elements that make Drag’n Survey one of the best online tools for. Therefore, creating a questionnaire and analyzing the results: 20 templates adapted to different types of surveys. With Drag’n Survey, users can decide not to start from 0 when creating their online survey. It is indeed possible to create a questionnaire starting from one of the 20 customizable models offered by the platform. 500 standard questions to create your questionnaire simply and quickly : Drag’n Survey provides its users with a bank of more.

Elements That Make The Difference To Create An Online Questionnaire

Than 500 standard questions already formulated to facilitate and speed up. The process of creating any online survey (according to Drag’n ‘n Surve. The number of clicks needed to create a survey with their solution is the lowest on the market). 100% personalization of surveys: Therefore, Drag’n Survey is a white label software. Thus, respondents will never be able to know what the form they are responding to was. Not created from scratch by the company behind the survey. Formatting, colors, logo, everything is 100% customizable with this professional software. Mobile compatibility for the creator as well as for the respondent : from the creation of questionnaires to the analysis of results. Therefore, Creators will be able to do everything from their smartphones


Account management for advanced use for small, medium and large companies. Drag’n Survey gives its users the possibility of defining “supervisor” accounts capable of managing others. Accounts and providing them with predefined templates. drag n survey account monitoring Conditional branching for more complex surveys: Therefore, for advanced users of online questionnaire creation software. Drain Survey offers a “conditional branching” option allowing its users to create variations and. Therefore, Display specific questions according to answers given by Internet users. Simplified distribution and promotion of its online questionnaires. Drag’n Survey offers many possibilities for distributing surveys to its users. Whether by email, by sharing a dedicated URL.

Google Forms, A Free Tool To Create Online Questionnaires

By creating and integrating a dedicated widget on a website. Therefore, Or finally by creating a dedicated QR Code, the distribution possibilities are adapted to any type of user. Results processed and displayed in real-time on the platform: Dragon Survey gives users the possibility. To consult the results and statistics of their forms in real-time. A practical guide on the creation of questionnaires written by experts. Ffor Internet users who are not used to creating online questionnaires. Dragon Survey offers Internet users a complete guide containing tips and best practices for a successful online survey. Already downloaded more than 5000 times, this 100% free practical guide is available to everyone here .

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