21 Tips for Windows 10 Users

The Windows operating system has many features that we don’t use many of them. However, learning a simple trick or trick can change the way you use your Portugal B2B List computer every day. In this article, we will list 21 tips for Windows 10 users to improve your productivity. 21 tips for Windows 10 users Use virtual desktops Use Windows Ink Workspace Calculator Options Tuning aid Magnifier to zoom Focus on the working application Hide desktop icons Organize work applications Reduce photo size Use the address bar in the taskbar Pin apps to the Jump List Use Win Logo keyboard shortcuts Windows Advanced User Menu Activate dark mode Print to PDF.

Virtual Offices

Are you struggling to manage multiple apps on the desktop? Virtual desktops are an easy way to keep applications on multiple desktop screens and follow your workflow without interruption. Click the “Task View” icon in your taskbar. Click on the “New Desktop” option displayed in the upper left corner. Select the desktop you want to work on and follow different tasks on different desktop screens without interfering. Again, click the “Task View” icon to switch between desktops. 2. Windows Ink Workspace Using Windows Ink, you can quickly access apps like Sticky Notes, Sketchbook, and Screen Sketch. Click the Windows Ink Workspace icon in the taskbar to access these applications.

Using the Magnifying

Portugal B2B List
Portugal B2B List

Switch modes in the Calculator app The Calculator app is much more powerful than you think. You can perform multiple tasks such as calculation and data conversion by switching the mode. Click the three horizontal lines icon in the top right corner of the Calculator app to switch modes. Standard – this is the default mode that you can use for basic math calculations. Scientific – for advanced calculations. Programmer – for binary code. Date calculation – find the differences between any date and add or subtract dates. Converter – convert currency, length, volume, length, weight/mass, temperature, energy, area, speed, time, power, data, pressure and angle to one unit to another. For example, you can convert degrees to radians using the angle converter. 4. Focus Aid Have you ever been distracted by email notifications while performing an important task? Windows 10 has a solution for distraction-free work.

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