3 Ways to Send Photos From Iphone to Windows

Gone are the days when people used the camera and phones separately. Unless you’re a professional photographer, your smartphones can do the camera work for you. In particular, the iPhone comes with Costa Rica B2B List one of the most powerful cameras available among all other smartphones. You can easily click high resolution photos or selfies with the iPhone. However, in some situations, you may need to send the pictures from iPhone to your Windows PC. In this article, we are going to explain 3 ways to send photos from iPhone to Windows PC. Related: 4 Ways to Transfer Files from iPhone to Mac. 3 Ways to Send Photos from PC Windows iPhone You can follow any of the options below to send the images from iPhone to PC. Using a PC with iCloud Web Access Transfer Photos Using a Lightning Cable Use of third-party applications.

Using Icloud Web Access

You need an iCloud account to use any Apple device like iPhone, Mac or iPad. It is useful to use continuity features such as Handoff or Universal Clipboard. Plus, you can sync all your photos and access any device using an iCloud account. First of all, you need to enable iCloud on your iPhone in order to sync photos and videos from your steam photo to cloud. Tap the “Settings” app on your iPhone, then tap your Apple ID displayed at the top. Select the “iCloud” option and then tap on “Photos”. Enable the “iCloud Photos” option. This will help you to automatically sync all your photos in iCloud account.

Transfer to Windows

Costa Rica B2B List
Costa Rica B2B List

After taking photos with your iPhone, you can open the “Photos” app on your Mac and view them instantly. Instead of viewing the images using the “Photos” app on your Mac, you can also access them using the icloud.com website. The advantage here is that you can also use web access on a Windows PC. Open the icloud.com website on your Windows PC. It will show you all the apps on iCloud and click on the “Photos” app. Open Photos apps in iCloud Open Photos apps in iCloud You can view all your iPhone photos and videos in the “Photos” app. Select the files and click the “Download” icon on the top bar.


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