33 Real Estate Statistics That Will Change

Wondering what 2019 will look like for the real estate market? Or, more importantly, how should you and your real estate business prepare for the future? Of course you are. Because you are an entrepreneur and want Portugal WhatsApp Number to develop a constant and predictable source of income. Fortunately, this year is shaping up to be good overall, with an expected 1% increase in sales and a 3.1% increase in the median home price. It will likely be a weaker and less buoyant market than in 2018 or 2017, but still healthy. But this optimism will not prevent the market from changing. In the words of Real Estate Yoda, “Change, the real estate market is going to change so much with it, you must” ( Disclaimer: I made that up).

General Real Estate Statistics

Although this page is the third most important page on your website, it’s also probably the most overlooked. Stop neglecting it . Set it up to build trust with website visitors so you don’t lose leads to a low-quality “About Us” page. Homebuyer Real Estate Stats In 2018, first-time homebuyers made up 34% of all homebuyers. (Source) 65% of buyers aged 37 and under were first-time homebuyers in 2018. (Source) In 2017, Millennials made up 33% of homebuyers. (Source) In 2017, 56% of buyers aged 36 and under found their accommodation.

Main Takeaways

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Portugal WhatsApp Number

On the Internet and 50% of buyers aged 37 to 51 found their accommodation online. Buyers over the age of 51 were the only group to search for an agent first. (Source) All generations combined, half of home buyers use the Internet to find housing and 93% of buyers aged 36 or under use the Internet frequently when looking for housing. (Source) The typical buyer searches for 10 weeks and reviews 10 properties before deciding on a home. (Source) In 2016, there were 5% more homes built than in 2015 (from 1.108 million to 1.163 million). (Source) In 2017, 52% of homebuyers were first-time buyers while 48% were repeat buyers. (Source) 44% of all buyers end up buying a home they found on the internet. (Source) More than half (51%) of home shoppers say YouTube is their favorite video search platform.

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