5 Apps to Add Mac as Dock on Windows

You may have switched from a Mac device to a Windows PC or you just love the macOS interface and its ease of navigation. The macOS dock is highly customizable, keeping your device easy to use and clutter-free. The taskbar UK B2B List is an inseparable part of the Windows operating system, yet it lacks the charm of the Dock in Mac. Several third-party developers have designed Mac as docks for Windows users. Vice versa, users wishing to use the Windows interface in macOS also have options. In this article, we have compiled a list of apps on how to add Mac as a dock on Windows PC. They can be paid or free, depending on the purpose of use. Mac as Dock for Windows PC Most apps copied the macOS interface, and others added several customization options.

Dock Object

ObjectDock software is one of the first Mac dock programs develop for Windows. It is a product of Stardock developed together with other productivity tools. Its sophisticated and fully customizable interface sets it apart from the rest. Just like the Mac dock, it gives quick access to your apps and files. Equally important, you can enable dock auto-hide and locate it by moving the mouse to its position. ObjectDock Here are the few features of ObjectDock. Easy-to-use settings page that you can use to create an easy-to-access smart interface using multiple docks. In addition, ObjectDock Settings Page ObjectDock Settings Page Show dots under running apps, show all running apps, or show minimized windows.

Winstep Nexus

UK B2B List
UK B2B List

Coupled with, Add quick shortcuts for email, music player or document editor. DockObject Parameters DockObject Parameters You can customize the effects, color, position and size of the dock. Easily create and customize tabbed docks of your apps and files. Enjoy the fancy animated effects of the icons. Customize your dock with a large number of available skins or download additional skins. ObjectDock Appearances ObjectDock Appearances You can easily drag and drop apps to launch. Add magnification with different effects similar to Mac Dock when hovering over items.

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