5 good practices to demand from a Google Ads agency

There are different parameters that must be assesse. One of the most frequently considered by the client is the price. And although it is undoubtedly something. That weighs heavily when making a decision. It is necessary to assess that a campaign manager. Must dedicate time to the weekly .Optimization of each campaign and that. They are hours of work and a guarantee of success. But in addition to that it is important to value. The agencies that like arimetrics have been recognized. As google partners and strive to follow .A series of good practices that we will list below. Table of contents 1. Good practices in managing google ads campaigns. For a google ads agency to be a google partner is vital, as working directly with google means we can act as your direct source of digital knowledge access the latest google training. And discover the latest research and product. Updates that may impact your business.

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Satisfaction and getting involved in the common goal of improving your campaigns. For this, it is essential to follow a series of good practices. Among many of them, we will highlight the following: 1.1. Transparency the client must not only be able to access the ads account, but must also own it in order to continue using it  Romania Phone Number in the event of terminating the contract with the agency that created and/or managed their account. In no case should a client feel obligated to stay with a google ads agency because they are reluctant to start their campaign from scratch and create a new account. Likewise, the client has the right to know what part of his budget is dedicated to advertisements and how much the agency charges for their maintenance. Even today it is possible to find agencies that do not report basic metrics.


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Constant monitoring and optimization being a partner is synonymous with “Many clients”, so it is vital to keep track of the budget so as not to exceed or fall short, always keeping the client informed of the evolution of spending and recommendations on increasing or decreasing the daily budget according to previous studies ( not with google ads automatic recommendations). Maintaining an account also means making periodic changes , adding new words, doing a/b tests of the ads, checking the positions and possible new competitors… 1.3. Personalized treatment or the wrong approach of “I do this with all clients and it works for me” is more frequent than it seems. Each client is unique , has its peculiarities, its business has its own characteristics within its sector, which in turn has its own idiosyncrasy… And most importantly, some objectives to agree on that will be the ones.


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