5 Online Courses to Become a Web Developer

This training will allow you to understand the creation of a website with WordPress. And HTML / CSS languages, in order to develop a site from A to Z. At the end of this program, you will be able to optimize your website Austria WhatsApp Number thanks to to the code, customize the graphics with CSS and optimize its SEO referencing. No academic level is required to follow this training, which delivers ICPF & PSI, Datadock and Qualiopi certifications. Duration: 10 days – 70 hours Type of teaching: At a distance • In a center • In a company Public admitted: current employee, company Price: €2,800, CPF fundable. This course, offered remotely. Is intend for job seekers and aims to train in the profession of front-end developer.

Python for Data Science

coupled with, This program aims to acquire a good command of the basics of the Python language. To be able to analyze data, to be able to automate their processing and to know the tools of data science. But also to understand the principles of machine learning. To access this training, a bac+3 level is required, basic knowledge of data processing (statistics and data tables). Learners benefit from Datadock and Qualiopi certifications at the end of the training. Duration: 21 hours Type of teaching: At a distance • In a center • In a company Public admitted: current employee, company Price: €1,500 Learn more about this training AWS

The General Objective

Austria WhatsApp Number
Austria WhatsApp Number

In the light of, Cloud Bootcamp with ISIKA This bootcamp aims to enable learners to evolve their architectures and take advantage. Of the capabilities of the AWS Cloud. The objectives of this training: master the development. Of cloud applications using AWS, create and maintain code modules on AWS. Or even understand AWS best practices in terms of security. The training requires having a bac+3 level, notions of DevOps, knowledge of at least one programming language and basic knowledge. For SpringBoot and WebServices. Duration: 8 days Type of teaching: Online Public admitted: current employee, job seeker, company Price: contact the organization,   financed CPF Get inform for free JavaScript Developer with 26 ACADEMY This training aims to make learners fully operational and able to develop dynamic websites.

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