5 Online Courses to Learn Web and Mobile

This training teaches you to master Python and PHP programming languages, through 51 modules and interactive courses. You will know their different Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number features and you will be able to use them for your web projects. The MySQL database management system will also be covered, as well as interactions with PHP. The plus: 100% personalized step-by-step support.

Duration: 2 weeks
Type of teaching: Distance learning
Public admitted: Current employee, job seeker and company
Price: €2,075, can be financed by CPF

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JavaScript Developer with 26 ACADEMY
At the end of this program, you will be operational and able to develop dynamic websites. Discover the main frameworks and you will know how to write clean and efficient JavaScript code. You will also master the new Javascript ES6 and ES7 features. You will also benefit from a tailor-made rhythm and personalized supervision.

Duration: 52 hours
Type of teaching: Distance learning
Public admitted: Employee in post and company

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Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number
Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number

Coupled with, Bachelor Java Application Developer with Digital Campus Live
This long course, open to all, allows you to learn application development with Java, which is one of the most widely used languages ​​on the market. On the program: the fundamentals of the language, object-oriented programming with Java, the design and development of a web or mobile interface. You will also know how to optimize the interactions between the interface and one or more databases. You must have a bac+2 level or a professional experience of at least 3 years to register.

Duration: 9 to 18 months
Type of teaching: Distance learning • Alternating
Public admitted: Current employee, job seeker, company and student
Price: €3,790, CPF fundable

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Development of In addition, Front End Web applications (HTML, CSS, Responsive Web Design, Bootstrap, JavaScript and jQuery): e-learning training with ENI
You will follow the teaching of a trainer coach in an e-learning format for 3 months.

Duration: 3 months
Type of teaching: At a distance • In a center • In a company
Public admitted: Current employee, job seeker and company
Price: €792, CPF fundable

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HTML5 and CSS3 – Creating web pages from A to Z with Groupe Lexom
The objectives of this training: to master the creation or modification of pages in HTML5, the integration of CSS3 style sheets and the use of the basics of JavaScript. You will learn the advanced functions of HTML5 while enhancing the user experience, and you will be able to create responsive design style sheets. This training delivers Datadock, ISQ-OPQF, NF Service and Qualiopi certifications.


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