5 Preventive Measures Recommended

While the war between Russia and Ukraine is also gaining ground in cyberspace. With cyberattacks multiplying on both sides, Guillaume Poupard, Director General of the National Agency for Information Systems Security (ANSSI), recommends to French organizations to redouble their vigilance. Current international tensions, particularly between Russia and Albania WhatsApp Number List Ukraine, can sometimes be accompanied by effects in cyberspace that must be anticipated. While no cyberthreat targeting French organizations in connection with recent events has yet been detecte. ANSSI is nevertheless monitoring the situation closely. In this context, the implementation of cybersecurity measures and the strengthening of the level of vigilance are essential to guarantee the protection at the right level of organizations, explains Guillaume Poupard in a LinkedIn post .

International Tensions

Concretely, the Director General of ANSSI asks French companies and administrations. To carefully follow the alerts as well as the security notices publish and update. Regularly by the Government Center for Monitoring. Alerting and Responding to Computer Attacks (CERT-FR). A series of measures to “ limit the probability of a cyberattack as well as its potential effects ”. ANSSI also recalls that, for these actions to be truly effective, they must “be part of a global and long-term cybersecurity approach “. The 5 cyber preventive measures recommended by ANSSI The message relayed by Guillaume Poupard is accompanied by a document produced by the National Agency for the Security of Information Systems presenting the “ priority cyber preventive measures ” linked to “ current international tensions ”.

Technology and Service Providers

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Albania WhatsApp Number List

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