5 Tools To Schedule Igtv Posts, Stories And Videos On Instagram

If there are now many tools to plan and schedule publications. IGTV videos and Instagram stories, here is a selection of effective tools. SaaS or to install on your computer which today allow you to plan the publication of photos, videos and stories on the social network originally founded by Kévin Systrom. Here are 5 that will help us manage. One or more Thailand Phone Number List simultaneously much more simply and efficiently. First of all, the various tools that we are going to present here will make. It possible to prepare Instagram publications and to schedule them. But these will always require manual action on our part and an internet connection at the time of publication of the planned post. .

This inconvenience encountered on all tools is caused by the Instagram API which is very restrictive and therefore does not allow tools to. Publish automatically without user action (which is possible with Twitter and Facebook for example). Summary: Why schedule Instagram posts? To gain notoriety on Instagram, it is important to plan your actions well. And to interact as much as possible with your community in order to generate engagement. The more publications there are on your account. The more likes, comments, shares and of course new subscribers you will have. All this will give you a real impact on your Instagram account. But don’t forget that quality takes precedence over quantity, it’s up to you to find the right balance. Indeed, it is complicated to always think about which publications to put online,

Why Schedule Instagram Posts?

Which is why it is very useful to program them to be able to make quality content and why not quantity. How to schedule your posts on Instagram? Free ? Thanks to the online tools that we are going to present to you, you will be able to program your posts very easily and for free on your favorite social networks like Instagram. There will now be a regularity in the planning of your future posts. Discover them now! IMPORTANT In this article, we will mention “IGTV” on Instagram. But be aware that since October 5, 2021, IGTV videos have been transformed into a new format called “Instagram Video.” » 1- Spello to plan IGTV posts, stories and videos on Instagram Swello Instagram programming tool Swello is a French startup that allows any freelancer or community manager.


Social media manager at the advertiser to program publications. Videos, photos, stories and IGTV on their professional Instagram account. To schedule posts and stories, you will need an Instagram business account. Only business accounts are eligible for direct posting to Instagram. Follow our guide to upgrade your account to a professional account. Complete the PPA, a requirement for influencer accounts If you manage an Instagram account with a large audience. Instagram will ask you to confirm your identity and secure your page through a Page Publishing Authorization (PPA) process. Please complete this process in order to secure your account and avoid posting errors. Programming IGTV, Stories, Carousels & Reels with Swello, is it possible?

How To Schedule Your Posts On Instagram?

Publications (photos and videos) will be published automatically at the scheduled time without your intervention. Programming can either be done from the Swello desktop interface, or from their mobile application in iOS or Android version . On the other hand, Stories, Carousels and IGTVs must go through mobile notifications. You should also know that to date, it is still impossible to program Reels. Scheduling Instagram stories is done via a notification on your mobile phone. You must therefore indicate on which phone to send notifications linked to your Instagram profile in the Swello interface . To do this, go to your Spello mobile application ( iOS or Android ).

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