5 Ways to Get WordPress Help

WordPress powers over 35% of websites online. You can start building a professional website, blog, or niche website with WordPress.org. However, the popularity does not come from the easy-to-use software, it is mainly due to the ecosystem that WordPress offers. The Slovenia WhatsApp Number List WordPress ecosystem empowers thousands of people to earn money with web hosting, theme/plugin development, customer services, affiliate marketing, display advertising, and training courses. These people promote WordPress because they derive huge financial benefit from the software. Otherwise, for an individual blogger or business owner, WordPress is much more complex than hosted website builders like Weebly or Wix. Many bloggers are unaware of this fact and get lost when facing issues with their WordPress blog. If you are new to the WordPress world, here we explain where to get WordPress help online mostly for free.

Before Asking for Help

Instead of panicking and looking for help, pause and think about what you did just before the problem happened. In most cases, you may have done one of the following: Updated WordPress core to the latest version. This could have happened automatically through your hosting account settings. Updated theme or a plugin that broke your site. You may be playing inserting codes in or PHP files of any other theme. Editing server configuration files like Facing security issues with malware or hacks and trying to restore or backup the site. With the exception of the security topic, the first thing to do in the event of a problem is to undo your previous action.

WordPress Codex

Slovenia WhatsApp Number List
Slovenia WhatsApp Number List

Check out these articles on how to restore your version of WordPress and update your plugin. If you don’t want to roll back or have known/minor issues, then it’s a good idea to seek help. Note: If you can access the WordPress admin panel, we recommend setting up maintenance mode until you resolve your issue. This will help keep your site users unaffected and having a bad experience. 5 Ways to Get WordPress Help Online WordPress Codex Support Documentation Official WordPress.org support forum Contact the theme or plugin developer Search online Get personalized service 1. WordPress Codex or Support Documentation It’s unfortunate that many bloggers and site owners don’t even know that an official support documentation portal is available. This happened due to the popular automatic WordPress installation process offered by all hosting companies.

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