6 Things to Know Before Using Facebook for Germany Mobile Number

Although Facebook previously had a significant search volume of 1.5 billion searches per day, these searches did not include results from posts outside of posts from friends or liked pages, even if a post was otherwise publicly visible.

The biggest impact seems to be in real-time news, where hot topics and news stories that normally appear in a news feed can be search. The results will show stories from publishers and media, public posts and any links to stories from those posts, as well as your friends’ conversations about the story.

So what about local search? Currently, the search component does not search the web. While Facebook previously partnered with Bing to bring web results to searches, this is no longer part of the current search feature on the Facebook app.

Facebook Research Strengths

Facebook’s purest strength is in the numbers. Its Germany Mobile Number  billion-plus user base is a massive enough audience to attract advertisers with or without specific ROI metrics. The perception is simply if enough eyes see it, the ad will work – in other words, throw it on the wall, and something will surely stick, given the size of the wall.

Facebook’s mobile dominance gives it unprecedented leverage. This year, for the first time, more people are searching for local businesses and services on mobile than on desktop.  It is also the best mobile app in terms of unique visitors.

2. Facebook knows what you like

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Search results can be targeted using the unique profile that Facebook has on each user. Facebook profiles can include location, check-ins, content viewed, content posted, time of social activity, likes and interests, groups, and of course, the global friend network. user. The targeting capabilities that Facebook has on its user base are probably unmatched in forming a complete and accurate profile of a user.

Facebook search results focus on what your friends are saying – a supposedly reliable and verified source of information. Likewise, the opinions of Facebook friends probably carry more weight than the opinions of strangers.


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