7 Clever Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

In today’s world, social media (Facebook in particular) is one of the most powerful ways to generate leads for your business. In minutes, you can send a digital Hong Kong WhatsApp Number message to all your connections – announcing a new home you have under contract, announcing your services or building relationships. Every time you post is an opportunity for new potential prospects to engage with you or for existing relationships to provide you with referrals. But of course, before you can use social media to generate leads and close deals, you need to know how to increase the visibility of your posts, because in the eyes of your audience and Facebook’s algorithm, not all content is not equal.

Facebook Engagement

Instead of posting the link in the post where it’s easy to see and they get a clear snippet, they post it in the comments? If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you’ll notice I do this all the time. But why? Why not just post the link in the post where it’s easier for people to see. Well, Facebook’s algorithm that determines which posts to show your friends and which not gives posts with links much less reach. Put simply, if your post contains a link, then Facebook will show your post to fewer people – the reason being that Facebook doesn’t want its users to leave Facebook (which, of course, a link to your website encourages them to do). ).

Increase the Size

Hong Kong WhatsApp Number
Hong Kong WhatsApp Number

Still, you want to include a link in your posts to drive traffic to your website and collect leads (Carrot websites convert better than any other website in the industry – learn more here). The solution? To say “link in comments” at the end of your post, then add the link for where you want people to go in the comments after you post. This won’t decrease the number of people who click on your link (as some suspect), but it will increase your post’s visibility. And one of the easiest ways to get people to stop scrolling is to add an image to your post that will entice your audience to stop and read your content (video also works great, but we we’ll talk about that later).

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