7 Reasons to Stop Buying From Envato Marketplace

Envato is one of the most popular and largest marketplaces available for purchasing digital products. You can buy from a piece of code to power themes in their marketplace. It covers marketplaces such as Bosnia and Herzegovina B2B List code-canyon, therefore, PhotoDune, 3DOcean, AudioJungle, VideoHive, etc. It is a kind of one-stop solution for website owners to purchase a variety of items using a single account. However, there are facts that normal website owners don’t know or overlook when shopping for items. In this article, let’s share some reasons why you stop buying from the envato marketplace. Did we buy items from Envato? The answer is yes, of course. We bought a handful of products from themeforest and codecanyon. The experience we share here is therefore based on facts and not on assumptions.

Reasons to Stop Buying

Locking account for PayPal dispute No Product Activation The author can delete the item at any time The author can combine products Duplicate or similar products Support on comment section Fake review 1. Locking the account in the event of a PayPal dispute Recently, we purchased the Discy theme which is a replica of the popular Stack Overflow Q&A concept. After two days, we found that the theme automatically connects to the site after registration without users’ email activation. We asked the author to check and after some unconvincing answers, we asked for the refund. The author rejected the refund and we are pushed to upgrade to PayPal Buyer Protection for spending $61 on this theme. At the time we filed a dispute with PayPal, envato locked the entire account.

The Author Can Combine

Bosnia and Herzegovina B2B List
Bosnia and Herzegovina B2B List

This has prevented us from downloading or viewing previously purchased items, including items purchased on codecanyon. They will also ask you to close the PayPal dispute to settle the dispute via envato. In our opinion, this threatens the buyer by locking the account and preventing access to previous products. Envato Account Lockout Notification Envato Account Lockout Notification It will take up to 30 days to resolve the PayPal dispute and you will not have access to your envato account until the dispute is resolved. This is a bureaucratic attitude mentioning security reasons and be aware that you have to defend yourself after buying buggy products. This basically means you have to spend a lot of time, which the buyer shouldn’t. Well, you might be wondering how product activation can cause problems.

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