7 Tips to Generate Passive Traffic

Wondering what real estate SEO copy writing is and why it’s important for your website? SEO writing for real estate is niche writing that: It contains keywords – words that target your audience to help them find the information they are actively looking for. This helps your content rank Philippines WhatsApp Number higher in search results. It generates qualified traffic. Such as motivated sellers, land buyers, multi-family sellers and more! Real estate SEO copyrighting is about writing for a purpose. The keywords you choose should not make your content difficult to read or lose its purpose. At some point, you have to put pen to paper (or rather keyboard on a computer, I guess). It is now. In this article, I will teach you how to write each page of your website that you want to rank so that it has the best chance of ranking.

Search Engines

You’ve decided to write content that ranks in search engines, attracts passive traffic, and generates consistent leads for your business. So you optimize, optimize, optimize until your fingers bleed. The problem is that there is such a thing as over-optimizing your content for search engines. Google itself refers to including too many exact match keyword phrases on a single page as “keyword stuffing” – a bad word that will get you lower rankings. Likewise, building backlinks with PBNs or other similar shady tactics can hurt your rankings when Google finds out what you’re doing (they don’t like to be manipulated).

Keywords Everywhere

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Philippines WhatsApp Number

Read More: Are You Sabotaging Your Real Estate Website Rankings With These 3 Black Hat SEO Problems? Not only that, but writing a page just for search engines without thinking at all about the people you’re trying to attract will naturally increase your bounce rate, decrease your click-through rate and conversion rate, and again hurt to your ranking. In other words, you need to distinguish between writing for your ideal market and writing for SEO. Ideally, you will do both. Use the 7 tips below for real estate SEO copywriting. Include an exact match keyword density of 1% to 3%. Sprinkle LSI keywords everywhere. Include your keyword phrase in some of the titles. Make your page longer than the competitions. Internal linking between pages on your website. Link to some high authority websites.

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