7 Types of Comments to Remove

Previously, webmasters and bloggers considered adding a comment section on their blog as an option to get high user engagement. In fact, it was a good idea to improve time on site thereby reducing bounce rate. However, in recent days, comment spam and unnatural links in comments Spain WhatsApp Number List have become the biggest headache. This led to a situation where many WordPress bloggers turned off native comments and started using registered services like Disqus and Facebook. Also, most WordPress themes render comment links as nofollow so that these links are not used for SEO purposes. If you are a new blogger managing comments, Blocking automated spam comments in WordPress We have over 2K articles available on our site with comments enabled.

Spam Comments

Apart from automated bots, there are real users who leave spam comments without any links. As these are real users, your blocking mechanism will not work to block their comments. It’s also a surprising fact that people take the time to leave spam comments without any purpose. Therefore, make sure you have an approval or moderation mechanism on your blog. Otherwise, your blog will become a dumping ground for having thousands of spam comments. The good part is that you can easily identify spam comments, by looking at the text. Below is an example and you will frequently find similar comments on your blog.

Unnecessary Links

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Spain WhatsApp Number List

Example of spam Example of spam You can simply delete these unnecessary comments to protect your content. Sometimes you may receive multiple spam comments from the same IP address. In this case, copy and paste the spammer’s IP address into the “Unauthorized comment keys” text box under the “Settings Discussion” section. This will block the IP address and prevent the user from leaving any further comments. 2. Offensive Response Many readers are unaware of the effort required to publish an article. Therefore, you will get little or no appreciation while receiving so many offensive comments. People can write offensive comments, especially when your advice or solutions didn’t work for them. You may consider posting the comment if it is legitimate and polite. Otherwise, just delete the comment without posting it. Another form of offensive is to leave an aggressive comment while responding to another user’s comment.

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