9 Ways to Fix Mouse and Touchpad Problems

Sometimes you may encounter frustrating and irritating computer problems just when you need to use the PC the most. One of these issues is a problem with the mouse or touchpad (for laptop users). Without the mouse, navigating the system can be a difficult and sometimes impossible task. However, for Windows users, most mouse problems are United Arab Emirates B2B List easy to fix. If your mouse isn’t working properly, here are some tips for troubleshooting mouse and trackpad issues in Windows. Troubleshoot mouse issues in Windows 10 Try the solutions below to resolve your mouse or trackpad issues: in addition, Basic troubleshooting Check hardware and peripherals Update incompatible driver Restoration driver Disable improved pointer precision Adjust mouse sensitivity Configure touchpad delay Enable or disable the touchpad Reset touchpad.

Basic Troubleshooting

Some problems may seem very basic, but they are easy to ignore. If you have a mouse problem, you should try these options first: If this is a first problem, restarting your PC can fix the problem instantly. Check that the mouse or wireless adapter is firmly connected to the PC. You can also try unplugging the mouse cable or wireless adapter and reconnecting using another port. Check the mouse and ports for damage and even try the mouse on another computer. If none of these solutions solves the problem, you can now move on to other solutions. 2. Troubleshooting Hardware and Peripherals The mouse issue may result from a hardware/device error. Luckily, Windows 10 lets you troubleshoot and fix hardware issues without much hassle.

Update Incompatible Mouse

United Arab Emirates B2B List
United Arab Emirates B2B List

Coupled with, Press the “Win + I” hotkeys on your keyboard to open the Settings app and select “Update & Security” settings. Select “Troubleshoot” from the left panel and under the “Find and Repair…” section, choose the “Hardware and Devices” option. Troubleshoot hardware Troubleshoot hardware Click the “Run Troubleshooter” button and wait for Windows to check for hardware and device errors. Once done, close your open applications and restart your computer. Applying the Fix for Hardware Errors Applying the Fix for Hardware Errors Related: 10 Tips for Using the Mouse Productively in Windows. 3. Update incompatible mouse drivers Another thing that could cause mouse problems is an outdated or incompatible driver. To troubleshoot mouse driver issues:

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