A Data Scientist Alongside The Marketing

There are three fundamental fields in which the data scientist moves: an exploration of data and their graphic representation, through the use of statistics and visualization techniques; experimentation with data (to test hypotheses, for example with A / B tests); machine learning (use of algorithms to build models and make predictions). research vice president of Gartner for Marketers, explains that data science is applied to marketing. This implies that the marketing teams and the data scientist develop an open and collaborative relationship.

Explore data, make forecasts, identify structures.

This is what the research firm Gartner observes in one of its recent Argentina Phone Number reports. Manufacturing branch, of services (in particular ICT ), and trade. Storytelling (Communicate the messages that emerge from data analysis to inspire decisions)

Soft skills, basic knowledge of the industrial sector. In which it operates, and Argentina Phone Number above all curiosity is essential. Qualities for the marketing data scientist. It will be the responsibility of the marketing. Director to stimulate this curiosity, leveraging the ideas. Intuitions of the data scientist. Martin Kihn.

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