A Free Tool to Highlight and Save Content

Today we introduce you to a very practical tool, which will allow you not to lose any more interesting content on the web: Liner . This free tool is available as an Estonia WhatsApp Number extension on all browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera Whale. iOS and Google Play applications allow it to be used on mobile. liner1 Once installed, the extension allows you to highlight and save any content on the web, or to a PDF. When you consult an article, you just have to select a sentence in order to highlight it. You can highlight as much content as you need, it is saved automatically. You can choose to create new folders to save content wherever you want.

Online Communication

The online communication tool Discord, widely used for gaming activities. Yesterday announced the launch of its own video game sales platform. Still in beta phase today, a handful of the 150 million users will have the opportunity to test this new feature. Dedicated to competing with the juggernaut in this area: Steam. The contest between Steam and Discord began a few weeks earlier, when the giant of the sale of dematerialized games finally decided to offer a correct chat interface to its 125 million active accounts. A “Discord-like” feature, as users describe it, which will not leave the discussion platform unmoved.

Improved Premium Service

Estonia WhatsApp Number
Estonia WhatsApp Number

A catalog with small onions By launching its dematerialized game store. Discord is in turn entering the territory of Steam, whose leading position seems. To less and less frightening to smaller structures. discord-store-2 To stand out from the giant. Discord relies on the quality of the composition of its catalog. Where Steam advocates completeness to the point of saturating its platform, Discord prefers to play the curation card, with a quantity of games offered much less provided but qualitative. At the moment, there are 11 games available on Discord

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