A Little Child Who Was Just About to Norway Phone Number

A little child who was just about to enter the learning environment was sent to a bilingual kindergarten by his parents in order to be immersed in the English environment since he was a child. How can he let the child lose at the starting point? Not to mention after entering middle and high school, under the pressure of further studies and exams, students go to remedial classes after class, throwing a lot of time back and forth between various parts of speech, compound clauses and difficult words. But when I entered the workplace, English became the most familiar stranger.

I spent so much time together

but when I wanted to speak, it was useless. We always hear that “to be competitive, you must first learn English well”, but are we really learning English in a suitable way? In the 2012 TOEIC statistical report, Taiwan’s Norway Phone Number average total score was 539, which was not only lower than the Asian average, but also 89 points lower than South Korea and 208 points lower than China. The English Proficiency Index (EPI) published by internationally renowned educational institutions in 2014 also pointed out that my country’s English proficiency ranks 30th in the world

behind Japan and South Korea

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After spending so much time and effort on English, why can’t we see significant results? Because the education system in Asia is more “achievement-oriented” and pays attention to the scores of paper-and-pencil tests, such learning methods often have practical problems, especially in language learning. Most teachers prepare their teaching according to textbooks, and the international language proficiency assessment tends to be a paper-pencil test. The education model that students can receive is significantly more passive. But forget the language communication between people, where are the options for you to choose? Photo Credit

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