A Tool To Encrypt Your Conversations On Messenger!

Do you want to encrypt your Facebook Messenger? Conversations to make sure that no one can ever snoop through your messages and dig up compromising information? Facebook Crypter will allow you to encrypt any conversation. Whether it is to encrypt conversations during the organization of your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s surprise birthday or for any other reason that does not concern us. Facebook Crypter will allow you to very simply encrypt the messages sent by them through Facebook Messenger. Summary: Encrypt Facebook conversations, how does it work? conversation encrypt facebook To start encrypting any Facebook Messenger conversation. All you need to do is download a Chrome extension or the dedicated Mozilla Firefox addon .

For users who do not have the extension and when messages have been encrypted by the extension. Here is what messages sent via Messenger will look like. Conversation encrypt without Cayman Islands Phone Numbers List facebook Thus, if a person knows your Facebook password. But does not have the extension as well as the password necessary to decrypt the conversation. He will be unable to read it and understand/decrypt it. Also read: How to download Facebook videos? If, on the other hand, you have the extension, this is how the decrypted messages will appear to you: conversation decrypt. Facebook Here is the configuration panel that will open when you want to encrypt a Facebook Messenger conversation.

Encrypt Facebook Conversations, How Does It Work?

Facebook encrypt pass You will be asked to enter a password. To be able to encrypt and decrypt your conversation with the contact of your choice. Facebook has found a way to disable the encryption created by the extension. This Facebook Crypter extension having been widely shared recently on large sites like TechCrunch or LifeHacker. Facebook has implemented measures to block the encryption that was possible thanks to Crypter, at least temporarily. The team behind the project always invites Internet users to download their extensions. So that they are informed as soon as they have found a way to circumvent the Facebook fix which no longer allows. Facebook Messenger conversations to be encrypted.


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Facebook Has Found A Way To Disable The Encryption Created By The Extension

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