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Before you start a real estate PPC campaign before you even hit “start,” you want to give that campaign the best chance of success. When launching , you want to collect clicks from motivated sellers or interested buyers Kuwait WhatsApp Number and you want your cost per click to stay within budget. Easier said than done, of course. You may think a campaign is going to make a million dollars, but you launch it…and it’s not. (You’ve been there, right?) How can you know what is going to convert well and what is not before you even launch the campaign? Well, ultimately, you can’t. But you can use a few simple copywriting tricks to increase your ad’s chances of winning. Because when it comes to platforms like AdWords.

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Headlines 30 characters each, up to three ad headlines Ad text 90 characters each, up to two ad descriptions Final URL 2,048 characters, including prefix and tracking patterns Facebook Ads: The Facebook ad specs for single image ads are: Text: 90 characters Title: 25 characters Link description: 30 characters The limits change a bit for carousel ads: Text: 90 characters Title: 40 characters Description: 20 characters 8 Tips for Writing High-Converting Ad Copy for Real Estate PPC Campaigns.

Run Consistent

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Kuwait WhatsApp Number

Write 3 ads and choose the best one Writing three ads upfront rather than just one can help spark your creativity and give you more ideas on how to connect with and convert your audience. I do this for a lot of different ad copy and find the last one I write is usually the best because you start to get into your feed and the ideas get more solid as you write them. Try this: write three full ads, titles and descriptions, and see which one appeals to you the most. More than likely, one will stand out among the rest. It’s a quick way to make sure you’re not running an ad just because it’s the first thing that comes to mind. Your brain needs to simmer a bit before you produce high-converting ad copy.

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