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Budget of your page. It complicates the link building strategy. It creates confusion. Let’s see each of them carefully. Affects the authority of your website the ctr is a decisive positioning factor. Since this metric helps search engines to know how relevant the content of a specific page is. But what does the click through rate have to do with the authority of your page? If within the same website there are several contents competing for the same search intention. The visits that these pages will receive will be divided among them. In this way. The ctr is reduced and. Therefore. The authority of your page is divided. In the eyes of google. Your content does not have the quality it deserves to appear in the top positions of the search engine for certain keywords. And. By being relegated to later positions. Your seo positioning is weakened.

Affects the crawl budget of your  Dominican Republic Phone Numbers   page the crawl budget is the time that google allocates to its bots to crawl each web page. This time varies depending on factors such as loading speed. The authority of the page and the quality of its content or its accessibility. For this reason. Many people use the robots.txt file of their page to optimize the crawl budget. So that the bot crawls the most relevant content. But what happens when there are cannibalization problems on your website? That the bot is spending time tracking different content that they are trying to position for the same search intent instead of tracking a single. Higher-quality content. Complicates the link building strategy receiving external links -and quality- to your page improves the organic positioning of your website.

And It Is Precisely To Obtain

These quality backlinks that linkbuilding strategies are responsible for . However. If several urls on your website attack the same keyword. Other portals will not know which one to opt for. What is the valid page they should link to? This way. You won’t always get backlinks to the right page. Generates confusion seo cannibalizations confuse search engines. Faced with various content trying to position for the same keywords. Search engines choose one of the options found within your website that does not have to be the most relevant -increasing the bounce rate- or. Failing that. The page of the competition. Main causes of seo cannibalization keyword cannibalization occurs for 3 main reasons: a bad content strategy. Duplicate products in an ecommerce. Poor web architecture. Let’s look at each of these reasons in more detail.

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Bad content strategy it is true that keyword cannibalization is sometimes done unconsciously. Every blog must have a strategy behind it that allows defining objectives and aligning the creation of content with the commercial objectives of the company. Therefore. The first step in having an active blog is to carry out a keyword analysis. Thus. Among other things. We can know for which keywords we are positioning our content and avoid possible cannibalization and duplication of the same. Duplicate products in an ecommerce seo cannibalization in ecommerce is a very complex issue. On the one hand. Because it is common for several products to attack the same keyword. On the other hand. Because sometimes the same product file has been duplicated to house it in two different categories within the online store.

Poor Web Architecture

When considering web architecture. We must be clear from the outset which categories and subcategories are going to exist. Thus. We can avoid problems of duplication of content due to the existence of categories that are too similar to each other. How to detect an seo cannibalization? Now you know why it is important to stay away from this type of practice. But how can you tell if seo cannibalization is taking place on your website? In order to detect them. You can choose between 4 different methods: use the internal search engine of your website. Through the site command. With google search console. Using a paid seo tool. Let’s look at the various options below. Use the internal search engine of your website. This is the most manual way to detect seo cannibalization. To do this. Simply go to the search engine of your cms and enter the keyword in question.

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