Afghanistan Phone Number Be effective management, the boss has something to say!

In recent years, many companies intend to introduce human efficiency management. Many HR feedbacks are that the boss suddenly mentioned the effectiveness of human resources. This is consistent with our observation that human effectiveness Afghanistan Phone Number must be a concept initiated by the boss rather than HR. Only the boss has the motivation and energy to initiate a professional change in human resources.

The demands of these bosses are both the same and different. The same thing is that they all think that human effectiveness is very important Afghanistan Phone Number and want to “manage” it; the difference is that they need to focus on or manage human effectiveness for different purposes. Naturally, they also need different human effectiveness management. Program.

Human Efficiency Control Program

The first type of companies that focus on human performance is obviously defensive-orient, and they focus on the denominator (input) of human performance.

The growth of such enterprises is sluggish, and even has a backward trend. The boss at this time has pessimistic expectations, and the direction to Afghanistan Phone Number reduce costs is clear, which is the basis for the survival of the enterprise.

The subtext of this type of business owner is: “Are you using too many people? Are you using too much labor costs? Can you cut a little Afghanistan Phone Number bit according to the labor efficiency standard? If this goes on, the company will not be able to support it!”

Human efficiency improvement plan

Afghanistan Phone Number
Afghanistan Phone Number

The second type of companies that focus on human performance, both offense and defense, pay attention to both the denominator (input) and the numerator (output) of human performance.

Such enterprises are in a state of normal growth and stable development. The boss at this time has medium-level Afghanistan Phone Number expectations (neither optimistic nor pessimistic), hoping to capture a wave of efficiency dividends on the basis of normal growth.

The subtext of this type of business owner is: “There was a problem with our original management. This person is not efficient. If the right people Afghanistan Phone Numbers are deploy in the right places, it can obviously accelerate the growth.”

To put it bluntly, the company has a certain growth potential, and the boss believes that through the rational allocation of human resources, growth Afghanistan Phone Number can be accelerat. For example, the original annual revenue growth of 3% can now be raise to 5% by focusing on human efficiency.


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