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The new Gutenberg editor has a beautiful table block for inserting tables on your WordPress site. The table will look beautiful on your site, you also have options Armenia WhatsApp Number List to provide alternate colors (stripes) to rows and change settings to shrink columns in fit mode. However, the biggest problem is that the tables are not responsive on mobile devices. The width of the mobile device can contain a maximum of three or four columns depending on the content of the table. When you have more columns, the browser truncates the display to the width of the container. This will lead to the situation where users will have no way to see the hidden content of your tables. As a result, Create Responsive Tables in WordPress There are many free and paid plugins to create responsive tables on the WordPress site.

Why Tablepress?

TablesPress is one of the most popular plugins for creating tables in WordPress. The developer offers a user-friendly interface and maintains the table permanently. You can find good documentation for using the plugin. Most importantly, the plugin is free. You can even download the extensions for free although the developer asks for a donation. This is in stark contrast to the fact that many eager developers turn free features into a paid version when the plugin becomes popular. Installing TablePress and add-ons You can install and activate the TablePress plugin from your WordPress admin dashboard similar to any other plugin. However, TablePress tables by default are not responsive like Gutenberg tables.

Inserting the Table Shortcode

Armenia WhatsApp Number List
Armenia WhatsApp Number List

You need to install an extension to make the tables responsive. Navigate to the TablePress responsive extension page. Download the Responsive Tables extension zip file As mentioned, the developer is asking for $9 donation for this extension. We strongly recommend that you donate $9 if you plan to use the plugin as a primary resource on your site. Return to your WordPress admin panel and navigate to the “Plugins Add New” section. Click the “Download Plugin” button. Click the “Choose File” button and select the “” file you downloaded earlier. Finally, click on the “Install Now” button to start installing the extension on your site. Activate the extension, after successful installation. Remember to install and activate the TablesPress plugin first before trying to install the responsive tables extension.

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