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Most of us use Microsoft Outlook to send emails and calendar meetings/appointments. However, you can also use Outlook to create tasks and track Turkmenistan B2B List progress to completion. It is also possible to assign or delegate tasks to your colleagues and team members. In this article, we will explain how to manage tasks in Microsoft Outlook. Related: How to Fix Slow Outlook and Speed ​​Up Your Email Productivity? How to manage tasks in Microsoft Outlook? We will cover the following sections in this article: Creating a new task Converting an email to a task Editing task Delegate or assign a task.

How to Create Tasks

Outlook will display mail, calendar, and task icons at the bottom of the right sidebar. This may vary depending on your settings. If you don’t see the “Tasks” option, click the three-dot button at the bottom of the sidebar and select the “Tasks” option. Open Tasks in Outlook Open Tasks in Outlook You can also use the search box in Outlook 2016 to find the Tasks view for you. Once you are in the Tasks view, Outlook will have different menu items in the ribbon. By default, you can view all of your existing tasks and your task list in the task view. The task list displays all tasks as well as all emails flagged for follow-up. Click on the “New task” button to create a new task.

Configuration of the Recurrence

Turkmenistan B2B List
Turkmenistan B2B List

Creating new tasks in Outlook Creating new tasks in Outlook Enter the subject of your new task that Outlook will display in the task list. Set due date, status and priority Unlike an appointment, editing a task is not tied to a fixed time and duration. However, you can set a due date for tasks. You can also create tasks without a firm due date. Click on the “Calendar” icon in the “Start date” and “Due date” fields. Configure the dates of your task according to your needs. You can also enter date descriptions such as Today, Tomorrow, or Day After Tomorrow in the start and due date fields. Outlook automatically converts them to corresponding dates.

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