Alternatives To Gmail: 3 Mailboxes That Respect Your Privacy

Arguably one of the leaders in email, with over 1.5 billion users worldwide, Gmail is actually very data-intensive and the complete opposite of digital privacy. Like us, are you concerned about respecting your privacy on the web and want to protect your personal. Data and more Saudi Arabia Phone Number List your emails from prying eyes? You are in the right place! In this article, we show you 3 secure alternatives to Gmail. Summary : Cons of Gmail With its many built-in features. Gmail is one of the most versatile and convenient email platforms on the web. Because it’s free, it’s no surprise that it’s the most popular email application on the planet. Of course, all this has a price, although it is indirect, and very few people realize it.

It analyzes the content of your emails received to establish your commercial profile and thus offer you advertising corresponding to your needs . It keeps track of your online purchases in its history from the invoices received in your mailbox.To be able to offer these answers, Gmail has previously analyzed the content received. What alternative for google Gmail: our 3 proposals To circumvent the exploration and collection of data linked to Gmail. A multitude of mailboxes that are more open source and more respectful of personal data have been developed. We have selected 3 of them to allow you to benefit from completely secure email exchanges.

What Alternative For Google Gmail: Our 3 Proposals

Alternative Gmail Open source software, Proton Mail protects your privacy with a secure email service. One of the most stringent in respect of privacy. End-to-end encryption on all messages received, sent, and archived: no one, not even the solution, can intercept and decrypt the content of your messages. Private messaging: confidentiality is fully respected from account creation to regular login. Indeed, to create a Pro Ton Mail account, no personal information is required. In addition, the IPs linked to the email account remain private. proton mail mailbox An accessible and optimized interface.


Here are some examples of how Gmail doesn’t fully respect your privacy. Free version: an excellent alternative to discover the tool before switching to a subscription system. The version gives access to one user, offers a storage capacity limited to 500MB (which is already more than enough for normal use). And allows the delivery of up to 150 messages maximum per day. However, the domain name is not customizable and remains by default Subscription.

What Is The Best Free Mailbox: Posteo?

It includes 1 user account, a customizable domain name, 5GB of storage. And 5 addresses associated with the user account. It also allows you to filter messages and schedule an automatic response. Available for €5/month (monthly subscription) or €48/year (annual subscription). Professional subscription: a formula specially designed for professionals and can accommodate from 1 to 5000 users. The tool provides a storage of 5GB, an availability of 5 addresses per user as well as the creation of folders and the sending of unlimited e-mails. It also has message filters, automatic message scheduling, catch-all email and support features, all to optimize your schedule. Depending on the subscription chosen, the price is decreasing for an annual subscription (€75/month/user) versus monthly (€8/month/user).

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