Ambition For The School A Lesson In Artificial Intelligence

On the occasion of the event “Ambizione Italia: Artificial Netherlands Phone Number  Intelligence. Digital skills, looking into the future of work”, Brad Smith, President. Chief Legal Officer of Microsoft, announced Ambizione Italia per la Scuola, a new initiative launched. With Fondazione Mondo Digitale (FMD) to prepare children for the jobs of the future. With the launch of the third laboratory dedicated to AI and Big Data.

Ambition for school concrete experiences and workshops focused on digital skills

In a historical moment of economic stagnation, Artificial Intelligence Netherlands Phone Number represents an enormous opportunity for our country.

To combine traditional lessons with training on AI and Robotics to allow students to Netherlands Phone Number. To acquire fundamental functional and transversal skills to be ready for the world of work. Both initiatives are part of a broader project, Ambizione Italia. Launched in September 2018 with the aim of accelerating the digital transformation in Italy and contributing to the employment and growth of the country, leveraging the opportunities offered by Artificial Intelligence through training, updating, and retraining program of skills, taking into account new technological trends and the demands of the labor market.

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