An Alternative to Jira to Manage Your Projects

Back to school is approaching, you want to rely on an effective solution to manage your projects as a team? If you are a fan of agile methods, you will El Salvador WhatsApp Number probably look at Jira , the solution offered by Atlassian. If you are not completely satisfied with Jira or want to compare. Its features with another tool, you can also try Ora . ora board A tool for agile teams Ora is a tool for organizing team projects. It is designed for those who rely on agile methodologies, such as the SCRUM method. You can create projects, tasks, assign them and follow the progress of the current sprint.

Ora Features and Interface

As well as, Each member of the team, whatever their role, can access their own tasks, all projects combined. They can sort according to needs to better navigate. Ora insists on customization: the tool adapts to the complexity necessary for the success of projects. Simple list of tasks, visual board, time tracking, board to manage tickets, agile kanban, scrum method… These possibilities make Ora a tool suitable for technical teams. But also for marketing or design teams who can choose an appropriate interface. It’s up to you to choose a UI and determine the workflow that corresponds to your processes.

Android and Ios Mobile

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In terms of price, a free version limited to 3 users is available (no limitation related to the number of projects or tasks). Paid plans  offered: $6 per month and per user. Up to 8 users, up to 10 observers and additional possibilities (recurring tasks, action lists, etc.) $8 per month per user: Moreover, unlimited members and observers Jira’s pricing is a little different: no free plan is offered, small teams pay $10 per user (up to 10 members) and $7 from 11 users. Ora therefore does not attempt to compete with Jira in terms of price, the N°1 on the market being more financially attractive from 10 users.

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