And finally in the third phase of  closing of sale we have Compliance

After sales work. Below we explain each of them, so you can start applying the Sandler methodology in your sales processes. trusted seller 1. Building links and relationships The key point of this stage is observation. Many salespeople make the mistake of doing the most talking when they are in a negotiation with the customer. This is harmful, especially if it is the first contact, because then you cannot understand their problems and needs. What recommended in the Sandler method of sales? Start with a completely honest communication, in which the seller listens and resolves the doubts that the prospect presents. Pay attention to small details: gestures, choice of words, humor, etc.

Try asking multiple questions to fully explore their needs

Without interrupting the natural flow Kuwait Phone Number of the conversation. Do not try to sell from the beginning. 2. Set expectations This step is also called “initial contract”, since it is about laying the foundations for future negotiations. Here —as a seller— you must show yourself as a reliable person, who instead of selling to the client, what you will do is guide and support him throughout the buyer’s journey. We recommend that, right at the end of the first meeting or call, you schedule the next meeting together with the topic to discussed. If you already identified what the main problem is, try to provide a custom solution for the next one.

Know the client’s pain Here begins the second phase of the

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Sandler sales system that we mentioned at the beginning: qualify the prospect. When we talk about “knowing the customer’s pain”, we mean understanding what their need is and how the purchase could satisfy it. This must  achieved by asking the right questions at the right time. Properly qualifying prospects is of the utmost importance, as a lot of time could spent on a lead who is still too cold, while a hot lead, who is already a few steps away from a purchase, could neglected. This way, you can give them enough time to make a decision, or rush the purchase without much room for error.

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