Android 12 and Which Allows a High Degree of Customization

To all applications and not just those of the firm. Thus, the colors of the icons can be adapted to the colors of the screen. Background for a harmonized interface (see image above). In its blogpost, google encourages developers to Argentina WhatsApp Number List provide a monochromatic version of their application icons, compatible with the system. Language selection for each app google announces that android 13 will make it possible to choose a language different from that initially chosen for the interface of its smartphone, for each application. Developers thus have access to a new api so that users can define the desired language for the application themselves. Simplified adding quick settings google wants to make it easier to add options in the quick settings panel.

Compatible With the System

For this, the firm announces to developers: for applications that provide personalized tiles. We make it easier for users to discover and add your tiles to the quick settings” . The goal: for apps to be able to prompt users to add a specific tile without leaving the app. Rather than having to go to quick settings to add it. Google-android-13-quick-settings protecting the privacy of personal photos and videos with android 13, google wants to strengthen user privacy, especially when sharing photos or videos via apps. If until then internet users are obliged to authorize the application to access their entire photo gallery, the firm wishes to limit this access to specific files or documents to guarantee better confidentiality. Compatible smartphones and calendar for android 13 for this first developer preview, the compatible smartphones are as follows: google takes the opportunity to share the schedule of upcoming stages for android 13.

Google Plans a Stable Version

Argentina WhatsApp Number List
Argentina WhatsApp Number List

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