Android Mobile Application Without Knowledge?

Do you want to create a mobile application but don’t have one. The budget to hire a specialized agency or a freelance developer? GoodBarber is surely what you need. Discover our complete test of this 100% French tool! On the program of this GoodBarber test. Presentation of GoodBarber 2 / GoodBarber: how does it work? 3 / How to create your mobile application in 8 steps with GoodBarber? 4 / 5 advanced features to create a more Belarus Phone Numbers List application on Android. iPhone and iPad 5 / How much does it cost to create a mobile application with GoodBarber? 6 / Our opinion on GoodBarber Summary: GoodBarber Overview good barber logo GoodBarber is. SAAS solution launched in 2011 and allows any Internet user to create their mobile application online without the knowledge of Java and Objective-C development.

Barber in 5 figures GoodBarber is 6 years of experience in creating mobile applications. Is already more than 20,000 applications created around the world. GoodBarber is more than 50 application models not to start from 0 GoodBarber is an administration tool. Available in 8 languages ​​that offers the possibility of creating applications in 24 different languages. GoodBarber is a team of 50 employees in France. Europe and the United States 3 reasons to choose. GoodBarber GoodBarber allows any Internet user without web development knowledge to create an. IOS and Android compatible mobile application in a few hours GoodBarber is certainly not a free mobile application creation tool.

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How does it work?  Goatee: So Bad So Good: To discover more examples of applications made using GoodBarber, go here. How to create your mobile application in 8 steps with GoodBarber? GoodBarber allows you to quickly create a simple mobile application compatible with Android smartphones, iPods and iPhones. Here’s how to get a functional mobile application in just a few hours and for a really affordable price. (If you’re a bit lost, this free ebook might help you define your concept ) Go to and register (30 days free trial) create GoodBarber app You can start testing the platform for free for 30 days.


During the test period, you will have access to all the features of the platform. Know that with the code “LEPTIDIGITAL”, you will get -20% if you opt for the “FULL” annual plan (we do not take a commission. It is an offer negotiated exclusively for YOU by LEPTIDIGITAL Build your project, pick a template from over 50 designs. Or create your own to get started goodbarber app themes Whether you want to use one of the 50. Templates available or want to create your own theme, GoodBarber lets you do both. If you want to create your own theme, you will be able to create and save up to 8 of them on your account if you opt for the Advanced annual plan.

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If you opt for another plan or monthly payment, you will only be able to save 1 custom theme to your account. Then optimize the type of navigation. The header, the body, the splash screen as well as the icon of your application Optimize the navigation of your application with. GoodBarber goodbarber app navigation For the menu, GoodBarber offers you 9 different possibilities. From the Swipe menu to the Grid menu via a more classic menu found on many applications: the TabBar menu. Configure the header and body of your application personalization header body application. The header is the upper part of your application, the one that usually contains your logo. You can choose to add your logo in PNG format or prefer a basic text logo.

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