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SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which stands for Secure Socket Layer. Aims to carry out the communication between your website and your visitors over an encrypted connection. SSL; It provides secure transfer of data flow by encrypting transactions between server and internet browser. As of 2018, with popular browsers like Google Chrome starting to label websites. Without SSL certificates as “not secure”; The use of SSL  has become widespread.

Even small businesses with websites that do not transmit sensitive information. Tend to install an SSL certificate just to avoid this warning. In addition, since the SSL certificate is a  ranking criterion for Google. The use of SSL has become inevitable for websites that want to rank higher in search results.

Features of Free SSL

Those who enter your website will see  the lock icon  and  https  indicators in the address bar. These are SSL indicators that mean “who this website belongs to has been verified”. It is suitable for small-scale websites and blogs where visitors do not have to share sensitive information such as TR ID number and credit card number   .

It can be taken in a very short time like a few minutes after the application is made. Free SSL certificates, which can be valid for a maximum of 90 days , must be obtained again when they expire. When it comes to encryption level, a free SSL certificate  provides the same  level of encryption as paid ones.

Type of free SSL certificates; It is a type of SSL called domain validation ( DV  –  Domain Validation ). That is, only  the domain name (domain) of a website with free SSL  is validated. If you need help with a free SSL issue, you will  have to resolve it based on the information shared on the forums, as there is no support  available. Free SSL is also available for multiple domains and  subdomains called Wildcards.

What is Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt  is the world’s largest free SSL certificate provider. As of February 2019, the number of DV (domain verified) SSL certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt in a day is around 1 million. With Let’s Encrypt, it has become easier for any website  to reach https. It provides certificates in periods of up to 3 months.

Let’s Encrypt does not support institution verification ( OV SSL – Organizational Validation ) and extended validation ( EV SSL – Extended Validation ), so it does not  investigate which institution a website belongs to and the official validity of the institution.

It also provides a free certificate for the SSL type that covers multiple subdomains called Wildcard. If you make too many unsuccessful attempts to get a free SSL certificate, Let’s Encrypt automatically shuts down the system, preventing you from making any further requests for a full 24 hours. This means that for one day the “ not safe ” warning will appear in the address bar for your site.

Let’s Encrypt and other services that issue free Benin Phone Number SSL certificates are subject to criticism because they only  confirm who owns the domain name and cause that website to  be deemed safe . Users who do not know the difference between https  and the  green address bar  may have problems with data security.

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Disadvantages of Free SSL

The Free SSL Certificate  only  verifies the validity of the domain name. With free SSL, the information is encrypted, but since the applicant’s company information is not checked,  who encrypted the data is not verified.  Therefore free SSL; It is the SSL type with the simplest research level in terms of verification level. When the free SSL  is not renewed , Google will mark your site as “ Not Secure. It is not possible to get help from a technical support  unit when some problems are encountered during the installation, use or renewal process of free SSL. Free SSL certificates   do not have an option such as insurance .

OV SSL (Organizational Validation) –  Institution Verification : It includes verifying which institution a website belongs to. Makes your company name appear in the address bar.

EV SSL (Extended Validation) –  Extended Validation : It  means verifying the official validity of the institution by examining the documents such as tax plate, signature declaration, activity certificate of a website  . Https ensures that all SSL indicators, such as the lock icon, institution name, and  address bar turn green,  appear in the address bar,  ensuring that visitors are visiting the official  and original  website of the businesses. In addition, paid SSL certificates have types that cover multiple domains and  subdomains called Wildcards  .

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