Ask specifically for permission

You can’t get around that. One of those agreements is that you license Instagram. With this you give Instagram permission to do everything with your content, to publish it, make it public and give others the right to do the same, for example. Well, Instagram does not specifically license others to use your content. But there are of course a lot of features built in with which content can be shared. The fact that these functions are there is an implicit license to be able to use the content in that way.

That’s how you do it right

For instance: Share posts in a DM or in your Stories Share stories in which you yourself are tagged in Stories Embedding posts, for example on your website Share links to posts Share answers to question stickers anonymously in a Story That means that if it is technically not Tunisia Phone Number possible within Instagram, then it is not allowed from Instagram either. It’s that simple! So you can’t just share someone else’s post on your own timeline. That is not possible with a function of Instagram itself. You need an external app for that or you need to take a screenshot.

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Besides the fact that you can ask people

The same applies to taking a screenshot of a Story that you want to share as a post or Story. Exceptions under the Copyright Act In addition to the possibilities that Instagram offers, we also have options from the Copyright Act, which Instagram has not closed. You may quote content from inside or outside Instagram. If the content is already lawfully public You use it for an announcement. Review, polemic, scientific dissertation, or similar purpose You do not use it more or differently than is socially acceptable and necessary for the purpose to be achieve You are citing name and source.

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