Associate Your Company With the Battle Dev

Recruiting a developer is complicated. To help companies attract these highly sought-after Cyprus WhatsApp Number profiles, the BDM has been organizing an event for 6 years: the Battle dev . The 12th edition will take place on November 6th. Companies wishing to be associated with the event are invited to come forward today. A great opportunity to present your company to thousands of developers listening to the market and engaging in conversation with candidates.

Developers Listening

The Dev Battle is a code contest that attracts more than 3,000 developers each time. They have 2 hours to solve development exercises by mobilizing their skills. The taste for challenge attracts participants, but not only: if they are open to opportunities. They can indicate it and submit their CV. Battle dev partner companies can then contact the profiles that best suit them, consult their CVs and view their performance. An opportunity for recruiting companies For companies recruiting developers, Battle Dev is a great opportunity. The event helps to strengthen its notoriety among developers and identify the most talented profiles thanks to the ranking, language by language.

Customize the Toolbar

Cyprus WhatsApp Number
Cyprus WhatsApp Number

Many companies also encourage their employees to participate to strengthen the links between the teams and demonstrate. Their expertise in the market.As shown in the video above, the next Adobe Illustrator CC update will add a menu to the toolbar. Just click on it to find the 80 possible functions of the toolbar, from the lasso to the magic wand via the scissors. With a simple drag-and-drop, you’ll be able to add or remove features from the toolbar so that the interface fits with the tools you need most. You can also create several custom toolbars, depending on the project. Designers will continue to use Adobe Illustrator’s many keyboard shortcuts to save time. But they can now access the functions they use most in the toolbar.

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