Automating Selenium Using Java on the Lambda

Selenium Automation has been trending on the internet for the past decade and has grown in popularity among automation testers. Since selenium tests can be written in many languages ​​like Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Perl. C and much more, it allows users to be more flexible for Singapore B2B List automation testing using Selenium. In this article, we are going to show you how to perform live Selenium automation testing using Java on the Lambda Test automation testing tool. Then again, About Lambda Test Automation Tests Lambda Test is a cross-browser testing tool that offers Selenium Automation on over 2000 browsers, browser versions, operating systems, and resolution combinations. You can perform cross-browser testing of your website using Lambda Test Automation testing tool and ensure browser compatibility of your website with very little effort in a very effective and efficient way.

Frameworks Supported

Not to mention, For Python, you can perform tests using Behave Framework. For Java, Lambda Test supports JUnit and TestNG Framework. In spite of, If you are comfortable with JavaScript. You can write your test script in Protractor, Nightwatch, WD, WebDriverIO and Cucumber frameworks. For C-sharp, Lambda Test Automation supports NUnit, MSTest, and SpecFlow frameworks. In Ruby, the RSpec and Test Unit frameworks are support LambdaTest Automation. Above all, Behat+Mink and PHPUnit are the PHP frameworks supported in LambdaTest Automation tests. Continuous integration (CI) tools supported by LambdaTest Automation CI Tools There are various CI tools you can integrate with Lambda Test Automation to ensure faster integration and deployment of your code. LambdaTest Automation integrates with Jenkins, Buildbot, Circle CI, Codeship, Continua,

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Singapore B2B List
Singapore B2B List

Coupled with, Cruise Control, Bamboo, GOCD, Solano CI, TeamCity, and Travis CI. Automation Testing Using Java In this article, we will run Selenium Automation code using Java on the LambdaTest Automation platform and see how LambdaTest helps us perform cross-browser testing using Selenium script. We use Java specifically since I have the upper hand, however other languages ​​can also use. You can find the complete documentation for performing Selenium Automation step-by-step testing using LambdaTest. This tab contains all the logs required for a tester for Selenium automation tests. When you click the Run button, a new test is create in your Lambda Test account and you can see all related logs here according to your desired capabilities.

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