Automation And Work The Risk

The digital skills gap of university students is narrowing. In the last two years the South Korea Phone Number percentage of those who have developed. Concrete digital projects and possessing a high level of theoretical knowledge have doubled. From 6% to 12%, and the share of those without theoretical and concrete skills increased from 67% to 54%. But that’s not enough: a still too large slice of university students. Is still unaware of how digital is transforming corporate culture, processes. Business models, and has little theoretical knowledge and even more inadequate practical skills. The universities are updating their educational offer. But also companies, which suffer difficulties in recruiting suitable profiles. Must do their part, increasing investments in training. Plans that put digital and entrepreneurial skills at the center

They are important for companies.

This is how Andrea Rangone, CEO of Digital360, summarizes South Korea Phone Number the results of the research “The future is today: are you ready. Conducted by University2Business, a company of the Digital360 Group, in collaboration with the Enel Foundation. The research involved a statistically significant sample. Of 2161 students from the entire Italian university population to deepen their preparation. On digital innovation and entrepreneurship analyzed the training offered on the subject of the main Italian universities, and deepened the opinion of 251 HR managers of the main companies in the country on digital skills and entrepreneurial mindset of the talents of the future.

Going into detail precisely on the point of view of companies, over 2 out of 3 consider South Korea Phone Number entrepreneurial. Digital skills are very important requirements for hiring, but as many. As 76% struggles to find digitally prepared graduates. At the same time, however, there are still very few companies that invest. In the development of digital skills (38%) and entrepreneurial skills (28%) of their employees. When it comes to hiring a recent graduate in a company, digital skills are very important for one in two companies (53.4%), even fundamental for 19%. And according to HR managers, the main areas of innovation to invest in in the near future are Big Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Industry 4.0 (34.7%), Social Media (25,1%) e Cloud Computing (24,7%).

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