Beginner’s Guide to Meta Tags a Web Page

A web page has different components put together. The content you see on the browser helps readers understand the purpose of the webpage. However, it is not enough for search engine crawlers to understand the page. Here is the metadata help you can use to provide more details Grenada B2B List about the page. In HTML, you can use meta tags to define metadata for a web page to instruct search engines. These meta tags are powerful and contribute to the success of your SEO campaign. Let’s take a look at some of the commonly used meta tags and outline what they are used for. This way you can check if you are focusing on what matters in your SEO strategy. Additionally, browsers also use some of the meta tag values ​​to decide how to display content.

Define Meta Tags

Technically, meta tags are part of the HTML code found in the headers of web pages. Also known as HTML elements, meta tags are text codes that help search engines better understand your site’s content. These are highlights of the actual content found on your site’s page. Their main purpose is to describe what is contained on the web page, which is why they are located in the head part of the HTML page instead of the body. Since meta tags are contained within the HTML code, you may be the one applying these tags. And users will not see meta tags on the frontend of browsers.

Meta Description

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Grenada B2B List

Although they can display the tags by displaying the HTML source of your webpage. Meta tags in page source Meta tags in page source Below is an example of how you can set some of the meta tags in the header section of the webpage. As you can see, the general syntax for using the meta tag is: Meta tag – name – content You need to set the name value, in order to set the content value. Summary of meta tags There are many meta tags you can use on the page. However, below are some of the useful tags from a search engine perspective. Let’s explain some of the most used meta tags. This is the part of the HTML meta tag that contains the short description of the page. Even though the meta description is invisible to visitors.

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